Some Info About Me

I'm a passionate Bulgarian nature photographer. I love to spend my time travelling and exploring different countries and cultures but my passion for beauty stems from my home country. I have been inspired by many landscape photographers and movies shot in beautiful locations such as the ones in Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars etc. My mission is to capture vistas that can relate to the scenery you can see in the best pieces of this genre. I enjoy hearing people say "Wow, is that really from Bulgaria?"

I have a degree in Economics and Finance from Sofia University and I am currently doing my Master's degree in Digital Marketing in the same university. I am also interested in history, literature, psychology, philosophy, politics, new technology and the list goes on. All in all I am just a young guy with cool ideas and big dreams. And I am very curious about the world. I hope my photography and my other pieces of work can inspire you to be a better person :).